Laurent LATAPIE French Riviera Law Firm

I have been called to the bar more than 6 years ago and I have practiced law since then. I am based in Fréjus and I operate in the law firm I have created. I have built a solid expertise in the fields of banking law, real estate law and bankruptcy law, in various capacities, for more than 16 years. I will assist, advise and represent you in all types of litigation, in France and abroad.



My chief consideration is the defence of your interests, in all their legal and economic aspects. I believe that the achievement of this goal requires the association of the finest legal reasoning with direct and pugnacious pleadings in order to best assist my clients, who irrespective of their capacities, as business men or customers, are often confronted to relentless mechanisms operated by financial, real estate or judicial institutions,


Being a native French speaker and fluent in English, and benefiting from my familiarity with private international law and « law-shopping », I will represent you in all international litigations and affairs. I operate in France, Europe and the World.


I assist, advise and represent French citizens residing abroad, as well as foreign citizens residing in France in all banking law, business law, and bankruptcy law matters.


I also assist, advise and represent clients in the context of divorce proceedings, child custody and community liquidation between French citizens and foreign citizens, and more particularly between French and North Americans, Mexicans, citizens of France. Central America of South America or even Russian and Eastern European citizens,


Each time, the international connotation imposes to carry out verifications in order to ascertain what is the applicable law, to determine which of the French law or the foreign law applies to the dispute, in full compliance with international treaties and international conventions, as well as European standards. I also determine which court is competent in any given case.


My law firm is also involved in the defence of Human Rights. In my personal capacity, I act as project manager PADEF – Chad – Program for assistance and access to the law for women and children, and as a stakeholder in the PRODEF project – Côte d’Ivoire – Promotion and Protection of Human Rights Defenders, on behalf of the NGO Avocats sans frontiers.


Banks’ clients


I assist, advise and represent private and professional clients of banks who have difficulties to meet their obligations related to loans they have contracted or to the management of their bank accounts. I will help you to obtain delays or the judicial suspension of your payment deadlines, and to challenge all aspects of your contractual obligations, in terms of costs, penalties, or interest rates related to your loan or the management of your bank account. Where necessary, I will represent your best interests in court.


Indeed the possibilities to challenge banks’ claims are various and include the following:

  • Liability of banks and credit institutions,
  • failure to provide advice and warning
  • disproportionate and inappropriate credit
  • bond of guarantee null,
  • abusive support,
  • breach of an abusive bank account,
  • breach of abusive competition,
  • lapse of the irregular term,
  • non-compliance with consumer law,
  • non-compliance with the death and disability insurance attached to the loan,
  • contesting the interests of the loan,
  • inaccurate count,
  • abusive foreclosure procedure,
  • amicable sale or judicial sale,
  • put too low a price,
  • request for time,
  • judicial suspension of maturities,
  • loan in foreign currency,
  • lack of management of the bank on the accounts,
  • scam with checks and blue cards,
  • insurance Group,
  • command to pay worth real estate foreclosure,


You have rights guaranteed by law that banks must comply with. It is my job to make sure that your rights are properly respected.


Companies, artisans, traders, SCI, leaders:


I assist, advise and represent entrepreneurs, craftsmen, merchants, business owners, and companies facing economic difficulties, including in cases of conflict between partners, conciliation, judicial reorganization or bankruptcy proceedings, and for all matters related to the following:


  • Business creation,
  • Conflicts between partners
  • Declaration of cessation of payments,
  • Opening of the collective proceedings,
  • Safeguard, recovery and liquidation,
  • Safeguard plan and recovery plan,
  • Procedures for the liberal professions and ICS,
  • Continuation of the activity,
  • continuation of contracts in progress,
  • Continuation of bank accounts,
  • Leaving the commercial lease,
  • Fate of employment contracts and dismissals,
  • Payroll support by AGS, UNEDIC,
  • Audit and challenge of claims,
  • Challenge of guarantee commitments,
  • Preservation and realization of assets,
  • Commercial and criminal sanctions,
  • Prohibition of management and personal bankruptcy,
  • Liability of the administrator and the agent of justice,


In all these matters, Maître Laurent LATAPIE will assist you, in partnership with, or if necessary, against the institutional actors, including the judicial administrators, the Prosecutor or the Judge Commissioner,


Owners and tenants, civil and commercial:

I assist, advise and represent owners of real estate properties or individuals in the process of acquiring such property, including on the following matters:

– litigations related to concealed defaults at the time of the purchase (septic tank, asbestos, etc …),

– consequences of any failures of the real estate agent, the diagnoser, or even the notary,

– any matters related to urbanism law and requirements, rules of cities planning with regard to the Law Allur, and in particular for the benefit of the housing estates,

– disputes with the builder related to the guarantee of perfect completion, biennial guarantee or decennial guarantee,

– disputes between the landlord and the tenant of the property.


I also assist, advise and represent tenants of private and commercial properties in all matters and disputes with the landlords. In particular, I will assist you in challenging any attempt to obtain the annulment of rental and lease agreements, or in obtaining the revision of your rent and the landlord’s compliance with his obligations towards you.




Holder of a Master’s degree in Criminal Careers and Criminal Sciences Law, and auditor of the IHEDN, I subsequently benefited from a solid experience in commercial law, corporate law, real estate law, banking law and law of companies in difficulty, having been for more than 8 years associate attorney of justice with several commercial courts.


Experience that I confirmed first by obtaining a Master II Research in Economic Law and Business,


Then by supporting a Thesis concerning « The banking support of a company in difficulty after the law of safeguard of July 26, 2005 ».

As a Doctor of Laws, I also teach in University as a lecturer in Corporate Law, the Law of Obligations or even in the Law of Securities and as a teacher in procedural law.


Experience and practice of technical disputes:

I have a solid experience in banking law, real estate foreclosure law, real estate law, or in the law of companies in difficulty that allow me to understand all the technical, legal, accounting and strategic data. a procedure, as well as economic issues that remain a real priority.


I also conduct a lot of legal research and writing in order to usefully plead before the different jurisdictions,


Legal reflections and pleadings that I also highlight in the context of my university interventions.

Passionate about economic law and business, banking law and property foreclosure law, I am familiar with the operation and working methods specific to these judicial institutions, whether commercial courts, judges or commissioner.


I like to evolve in this litigation in order to preserve the interests of companies in difficulty, as well as individuals or real estate companies, in order to ensure that their interests are not prejudiced from the actions of financial, economic and judicial institutions.


My experience and skills allow me to raise all the legal and factual arguments in defence of their interests, and this, through a representation in justice of quality.


I also remain very attached to areas of intervention related to the law of co-ownership, real estate law, the right of security rights to enforcement proceedings and the law of residential leases and commercial leases.


Sports agent:


As a lawyer and sports representative, I assist athletes, coaches, sports clubs, sports federations, agents, as well as sponsors. I advise them in relation to employment contracts, transfers of players, establishment of contractual links between players, sports clubs and the various economic partners, advertising or sponsorship contracts, while protecting the image of the player and his or her club. I represent them before courts in the context of disputes related to all aspects of their employment contracts.


Real estate agent:


The lawyer as a legal professional is the natural agent who accompanies his clients in all acts of civil life, especially in all phases of an operation for the purpose of buying a property, its sale or its rental.


The real estate mandate is one of the new missions of the lawyer.


As a lawyer and real estate agent, I can intervene in all stages of a contractual process in the real estate field.


In the same way, my firm can assist you in the search for a co-contractor and in the negotiation of the contract with him.


Fee Policy:

Fees are free.


I also charge consulting fees if you have specific questions.

Do not hesitate to contact me.